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These special permanent magnets generate particularly high field gradients which are necessary for successful separation, as is the need with all Magnetic-Separators. For recovering Magnetic/Ferro-silicon in dense media plants and iron ores, wet drum separators are mainly used.

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How To CHoose and Use MagneTiC separaTors Page IntroductIon 1 1. Magnet MaterIals & styles 2 2. applIcatIon consIderatIons 4 3. type of MaterIal beIng processed 4 4. separatIon equIpMent - plate Magnets 5 5. separatIon equIpMent - grate Magnets 7 6. separatIon equIpMent - lIquId lIne trap Magnets 7 7. separatIon equIpMent - pneuMatIc lIne rf ...

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MAGNETIC SEPARATION & METAL DETECTION Solutions for many applications across various industries including food, pharmaceutical, plastics, recycling, aggregate, quarrying powder and bulk industries and more… Learn More MAGNETS & MAGNETIC PRODUCTS As a provider of Total magnetic Solutions we have been supplying permanent and holding magnets into a wide range of …

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By default we mostly use very strong neodymium magnets in our separators. But in some cases separation with ferrite magnets, or a combination of neodymium and ferrite, can be an adequately strong, money-saving solution. Neodymium (rare earth alloy) magnets are currently the strongest magnets on the market.

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Magnetic Separation Pulley. The magnetic separation pulleys from Bunting are designed to be used instead of the usual head pulley, which is generally fitted at the end of the conveyor belt where the discharge of materials takes place. It's premise is simple, as the separation pulley is intended to provide continual extraction of ferrous metals.

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The EpiMag HT (96-Well) Magnetic Separator is a magnetic stand ... This magnetic separation device has the following features and advantages: Ultra-Powerful NdFeB Magnets - High-grade neodymium iron boron rods allow for extremely fast separation times and minimal bead loss.

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Neodymium magnets (NdFeB), or neo magnets offer the highest energy product of any material today and are available in a range of shapes, sizes and grades, including GBD. Used in various applications - high performance motors, brushless DC motors, magnetic separation, magnetic resonance imaging, sensors & loudspeakers.

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Magnets: Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets are rare earth magnets, the most powerful commercially available magnets. The separation rack accepts 8- and 12- strip 0.2 ml PCR tubes or individual 0.2 ml PCR tubes, with a total capacity of 24 tubes. Product Categories: Targeted Enrichment Products, Sample Prep for NGS & Target Enrichment Products,

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Magnetic separation of metal contaminants can be used to protect the process, the product and the consumer. ... The material should be in rare earth and most specifically in Neodymium (NdFeB). Such material can generate up to 13500 Gauss (bare magnet), much higher than ferrite magnets (3000 Gauss) that should not be recommended for sensitive ...

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Neodymium is preferentially captured in relation to lanthanum, reflecting the trends of the stability constants dictated by the lanthanide contraction. A high separation efficiency (> 99%) has been achieved after three successive complexation and releasing stages. The overall process can be performed under green and sustainable conditions, e.g ...

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Magnetic materials used for drawer-in-housing tube magnets and other separation equipment include ceramic, alnico or rare-earth neodymium. These options allow us to match the appropriate magnetic pull to your specific application so that removal of tramp metal is ensured and downstream processing machinery is protected.

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• Continuous flow-through magnetic separation system: The magnetic system of automatic and continuous cleaning is driven by pneumatic pistons that displace a stainless steel sleeves on the magnets linearly. These sleeves drag the iron particles to the side outlets (A and B) where ferric contamination is released by the absence of magnets.

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Separation Magnets. Home // Separation Products; Back to Home. ... They are constructed with stainless steel material and with Ceramic or Neodymium magnetic load. Magnetic Rods Magnetic rods are commonly used in slow, free flowing materials such as …

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MAGNETIC SEPARATION. Magnets New Zealand is the leading provider of magnetic separation solutions for businesses with food grade or even tougher dairy grade conditions, with over 40 years of hands-on experience we know how to tackle any ferrous contamination issue.

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Buy Magnetic Separation online with e-Magnets UK™ Magnetic Separation is required in applications where ferrous (ferritic) contamination needs to be removed from a product (the contamination being ferromagnetic materials and materials with a magnetic permeability noticeably greater than 1, such a ferrimagnetic and some paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials).

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Magnetic Separators, Industrial Magnets & Rare Earth Magnetic Separation Equipment Specializing in Custom Applications using Rare Earth, Permanent Ceramic 8A and Electro Magnets We provide Free Product Testing on Difficult or Challenging Materials and Applications. Supplying Industrial Strength Magnetic Separators to the following industries:

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Not just magnets, we also focus on the design of magnetic application. We developed Magnetic Separation, Magnetic Coupling and other magnet assemblies to meet the increasing market demand. We are pleased to utilize our experience to assist our customers customers to realize their design purpose and optimize solution.

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Magnetic plate is manufactured with high-intensity neodymium magnet (rare earth) system and stainless steel case. These super strong NdFeB magnets generate an extremely high magnetic intensity, it is easly to capture fine iron particles from powders and food stuffs.

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Neodymium rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available. Disc magnets are generally thin, flat and round. The diameter is always greater than the height (or thickness). Magnetic discs are our best selling magnet. AMF Magnets offers a wide range of super strong neodymium magnets.

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MAGNETIC FILTRATION. Magnetic filtration is a process in which two objects are separated; one of them has to be metallic, to attract it by means of magnets. Magnetic systems ideal for the food industry, as they protect the final product and the machinery used in its production process.

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MagSpring® is a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial magnets in China since 1999.Our main products include: pot magnet,smco magnet,neodymium disc magnets etc.Welcome to visit our factory and start cooperation!

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