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Dodge Torque-Arm (TXT) is a shaft mount helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft. TXT is a proven gear reducer that can be installed in the toughest applications requiring long life.

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Apron feeders. Apron feeders is a very common mining equipment for that primary crusher crushing plant. It's three types: heavy, medium and lightweight. Apron feeders production capacity mainly is dependent around the width andthe speed from the chain plate, and feed size.

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All-cast apron feeder pans for extended service life Columbia’s feeder pans are made from a modified grade of manganese steel. Extremely high toughness is common in this alloy which ensures that the pans will not fail during extreme service conditions.

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tonnage and applica on requirements. These feeders u lize rugged crawler tractor undercarriage components and heavy duty structural weldments. Trio apron feeders are a combina on of performance, quality, and reliability. Common applica ons for apron feeders include; controlled unloading from …

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cracks—a common problem with traditional fabrication—ensuring greater durability and wear life. WORK HARDENING ALLOY Heavy-duty cast Austenitic Manganese Steel (M2) for high impact resistance. Save in replacement costs and downtime with apron feeder pans that get stronger the harder you work them!

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Hagglunds provides a Low Speed High Torque hydraulic drive that is very common for apron feeder applications. Their robust design, variable speed and ability to provide full starting torque for an unlimited time provide advantages in this high-load application.

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Apron Feeder moves various cement and mining raw materials efficiently. Our long-lasting Apron Feeders are ideal for both cement and mineral processing applications to extract bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulated feed to a crusher.

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All-Cast Apron Feeder Pans For Extended Service Life.Apron Feeders are used to extract or feed large, lumpy, abrasive and heavy ores under severe impact conditions. JYS Casting's manganese apron feeder pans are industry proven to be the best pan for moving hard abrasive materials.

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GBZ Series apron feeder is a conveyor produced from steel plates driven by steel chains wearing on steel surfaces. The apron feeders are a robust design manufactured for durability in the arduous environment of the toughest industrial applications. The apron feeder …

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’s apron feeder parts, upgrades, repairs and refurbishments can help you to achieve your aims with smoother operations. The details make the difference. Detailed drawings and accurate information on original specifications for your apron feeders make the big difference in …


1.3.2 Apron feeders Figure-1E shows the apron feeder. The apron feeder is used for dealing with materials which are very hard, abrasive, tough and for lumps of larger dimensions; which are beyond the scope of belt feeders. The boulders of even 1.5 m edge length dimension can be handled, because such lumps will be falling and carried by steel pans,

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Chain Feeder. The Chain Feeder works on a different principle altogether from the apron feeder. It consists of a curtain of endless steel chains, suspended from and driven by an overhead tumbler, and mounted as a rule in a chute leading out of the bin, as shown in Fig. 3.

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Replacement Parts For Apron Feeder. Apron feeders consist primarily of two (2) strands of endless tractor chain with either cast manganese or fabricated steel pans (flights) bolted to a common link of each strand. The chains are driven by sprockets that are mounted to a head shaft.

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These bins are equipped with two outlets and two apron-feeders, which can feed two independent slurry preparation trains. Some operators have bins with 4 separate hoppers and 4 apron feeders. Bridging is a common problem in surge bins, which occurs when the oil sands sticks to …

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How to Design Efficient and Reliable Feeders for Bulk Solids by John W. Carson, Ph.D. and Greg Petro, P.E. A feeder is an extremely important element in a bulk material handling system, since it is the means by which the rate of solids flow from a bin or hopper is controlled. When a feeder stops, solids flow should cease. When a


belt feeder for coal, a vibratory pan feeder for applying season-ing to chips, and an apron feeder for ore under a stockpile. Mechanical conveyors are used to transport bulk materials but, unlike feeders, they are incapable of modulating the rate of material flow. Examples of conveyors include a drag-chain con-

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Aug 04, 2017· The new apron feeder handling garbage is a kind of light conveying equipment, which is mainly used in refuse processing plant. This apron feeder is placed to receive the garbage. The carrying capacity of this apron feeder is ten times larger than that of common …

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improve pan life and resolve common problems such as product leakage. Apron feeders are often a critical component in any mineral processing operation, providing a link between areas such as primary crushers or stockpiles - with the rest of the plant. In many cases if the apron feeder fails, the entire plant stops and incurs extended

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Compaction is a common problem when using belt or apron feeders due to their inherently poor design for this application. Unlike belt or apron feeders, the material is discharged from the front to the back so only free flowing material is being moved. Therefore, compaction of …

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Apron Feeders must always be employed to ensure that the feed to a crushing machine is drawn at a constant rate from the bin which serves it. Of the many designs in existence by far the most widely used are the apron and pan feeders, although the Ross Chain Feeder is …

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Mar 10, 2017· minerals aprom feeder 1. Minerals Apron Feeders Evolution of Design and Applications of Apron Feeders Martin A. Yester - Senior Applications Engineer Minerals - Minerals Processing Bulk Material Handling Division, Pgh., PA USA National Weighing & Sampling Association Annual Technical Meeting August 19-21, 2002 Chattanooga, TN

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The apron weigh feeder is a tractor type, also referred to as a crawler type, apron feeder and is capable of weighing extracted material as the material is conveyed from an extraction end to a discharge end of the apron weigh feeder. The apron weigh feeder simultaneously transports and …